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Let us develop the behaviors you want and we'll give you the keys to maintaining those behaviors!

  • Obedience Training

  • Upland training 

  • Game recovery

  • Problematic  behaviors

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Title: Comprehensive Upland Hunting Dog Training Program

Introduction: Welcome to our non-corrosive K9 training program designed to make upland hunting with your dog an enjoyable and productive experience. Our approach prioritizes positive reinforcement, fostering a strong bond between you and your dog. We empower you with the knowledge and skills to handle your dog effectively in the field, focusing on training for success in grouse and woodcock hunting. This program covers essential commands, fieldwork, vehicle etiquette, and strategies for locating state-owned hunting grounds, along with the necessary tools and equipment.

Section 1: Non-Corrosive Training Approach

  • We emphasize positive reinforcement and reward-based training methods to establish trust and mutual respect between you and your dog.

  • Our goal is to ensure that the training process is enjoyable for both you and your dog, resulting in a harmonious and rewarding hunting experience.

Section 2: Training Duration and Expectations

  • The training program is designed to be a gradual process, tailored to your dog's pace and unique needs.

  • Expect to dedicate several months to training before your dog becomes proficient in upland hunting.

  • Consistency and patience are essential; regular training sessions are key to success.

Section 3: Basic Commands

  1. Recall Command (formerly "Come"): Ensure your dog responds reliably to the recall command, crucial for bringing your dog back to you in the field.

  2. Heel: Teach your dog to walk calmly and obediently at your side.

  3. Whoa: Train your dog to stop and remain still on command, vital for maintaining a steady point on birds.

Section 4: Field Work and Vehicle Etiquette

  • Introduction to Birds and Bird Scent:

    • Familiarize your dog with the scent and sight of birds through controlled exposure.

    • Use positive reinforcement to associate birds with positive experiences.

  • Working in Front of the Hunter:

    • Teach your dog to work ahead of you, searching for game while maintaining a close working distance.

  • Entering and Exiting the Vehicle:

    • Train your dog to enter and exit a vehicle calmly and under control, ensuring safety during transportation to and from hunting locations.

  • Fetch:

    • Train your dog to retrieve downed game and deliver it to your hand gently.

    • After maintaining point, command your dog to fetch the downed game.

  • Flush on Command Followed by Whoa:

    • Develop your dog's ability to flush game birds on command and then promptly stop and maintain point before retrieving.

Section 5: Finding State-Owned Hunting Land and Equipment

  • We will guide you in locating suitable state-owned upland hunting areas for grouse and woodcock.

  • Learn to identify prime habitats and access public hunting lands, maximizing your hunting opportunities while adhering to ethical practices.

  • Additionally, we provide guidance on the essential tools and equipment you'll need for a successful hunt, from safety gear to hunting gear, ensuring you are well-prepared.

Conclusion: Our non-corrosive K9 training program offers a comprehensive approach to upland hunting with your dog. By focusing on positive reinforcement, gradual training, and building a strong foundation in basic commands, fieldwork, vehicle etiquette, and equipment, we aim to make your hunting experience enjoyable and successful. Remember that success in upland hunting requires dedication, practice, and a strong partnership between you and your dog.

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