Contract will be signed at time of puppy pickup day by purchaser & seller. Copies will be provided and retained.

Wood Tick Weims LLC
16606 Lunney rd 
Hemlock MI,48626


  1. Breeder guarantees this puppy to be purebred Weimaraner

  2. Breeder guarantees this puppy has been de-wormed

  3. This puppy is healthy at time of sale and appears by sight. Breeder does not cover hypoglycemia, parasites, mites, worms or diarrhea due to stress.

  4. Purchaser must have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian at their own expense after pickup.

  5. The buyer can return this puppy within 72 hours AT BUYERS EXPENSE with written veterinarian's explanation of defect.

  6. If the puppy is returned with a valid statement and this contract, it is the Breeder's choice to refund money or replace puppy. Under NO circumstance will vet expenses, milage or shipping cost be covered or refunded. If a new puppy is available, it is Buyer's responsibility to arrange for pickup.

  7. All puppies require a $200 non-refundable deposit. deposits are only refunded if something happens to the puppy while in Breeder's care.

  8. All puppies must be paid for, in full, upon pickup and in CASH, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  9. Buyer has up to one week, prior to sale, to change their mind and receive a full refund of money paid, less the $200 non-refundable deposit.